Lover and the beloved meet eachother. On one side the one and only one and on the other hand the man prssessing and denoting many. Both demand each other equally. 

This is an open invitation to the ones who have a loving heart. They should know the face that if both personalities or being have similarity in their names. What would be the realty of their power?

First Similarity
The word ‘ALLAH’ in Arabic had four letters and ‘Muhammad’ also has four letters.

Secend Similarity
Four letters of ‘ALLAH’ have no dots and same is the case with the name ‘Muhammad’

Third Similarity
The word ‘ALLAH’ has ‘SHADD’ on the third letters so dies the word ‘Muhammad’

Fourth Similarity 
The name ‘ALLAH’ as well as ‘Muhammad’ (PBUH) has two ‘AHAAD’ and two ‘ASHRAAT’ equally.

Fifth Similarity
Obseoving very critically, we do find the letter of ‘ALLAH’ and ‘Muhammad’ similar by figures the mumbers are 2-4-6-8 similarly 3-6-9 we can see that 1 belongs to each and every number. Now look at 66 and 92 both have the pattern 2x3=6 and 3x3=9 both number are dividable to.

Sixth Similarity
If 66 can be dividable to 2 equally, Similarly the number of ‘Muhammad’ 92 can also be dividable to 4 equally and earily.

Seventh Similarity
The numbers of ‘ALLHA’ name 66 leave the answer 9 after addition and multiplication same is the case with the figures of the name ‘Muhammad’ (S.A.W) 18-8+1=9 

Now lets have a look in the qualities of number 09 why we get only number 9 instead of 7,6,5,3,2 etc the reasen is that number 9 is the buggest number in all numbers, no anyone can present the number bigger than 09. Only the people with insight and deep love can enjoy and feel the depth and reality of number 09 9x1=9 , 9x2= 18 1+8=9 
9x3=27 2+7=9 9x4=36 3+6=9
9x5=45 5+4=9 9x6=54 5+4=9
9x7=63 6+3=9 9x8=72 7+2=9 
9x9=18 8+1=9 9x10=90 9+0=9

In all the cases the answer remains 9 after multiplication and addition.

Eighth Similarity
The Arabic words

Produce the following numbers 
3=1+2-21+5-40 80-30-1 
And the words in Arabic for the name ‘Muhammad’

Respected readers this humble creation of mine will not mly enhamce your knowledge bul also brighten your soul. Now naming a peosen can of preat benefit and importance. So before naming a newly born baby your must name according to words figures and letters.