Short benefits of the name of Allah

YAHOO: Is the name of God salib tanveer-ul-samaar saya that the researchers are of the opinlon that this is the greatest name in all the names. 

This is the first of all Good names and the names of God. If someone asys , YAHOO 29 times the fire of hell can not harm him and if someone is afraid of the denouement on dooma day, he should say Allah Hoo continuously to seek contentment over there. 

In Tanveer-ul-usmaa the Holy Prophet (PBOH) says If someone observes fast daily and writes LA ILAHA ILAllAH on ceramic bowt and opens his fast by washing the bowt with the water of springs.

His learnt material will never be shaken whatever he learns. If an intoxicated person drinks this water the power if intoxicated, intoxication will be finished.

If he saves the very material by writing he will be safe from all types of calamities, he will be victorious coming enemies and he will be Sunday If is also marrated that if a person says ‘YA ALLAH’ ‘YA HOO’ 12000 times All creatures of the universe would be obedient to him and particular Knowledge of hidden things would be known to him. ‘YA ALLAH’ this very name is collection of names of God and his a ualities. 

If is narrated that if a person says ‘YA ALLAH’ 1000 times daily he become mustajaab dawaat the argumenters says. That if a person keeps saying 100 times after every prayer, he finds himseef and hidden mgstries of God. 

If semesone writes ‘YA ALLAH’ 3125 times and mines it with flour to form a tablet like shape and after deing the pereess, he puts this table into a river he shall get his wish full filled within 19 days some other processes are also found in the book part 1 (115),(119) and a particular process for provision in abundance and also there in the book. 

The process in based on only three days period therfre moat often we take this process as a process to call angels but this must not be the will or thinking because it is deadly difficult to do good deeds living in this age. 80, a person should do this process leaving the presence of angels aside he just has to avaid telling a lie or some other prohibited things or deeds.

After three days he should say or repeat the very process 400 times daily he shall get what he desires for from the hidden treasures of God. The angels belonging to this neme will keep obeying you secretly. It is a tested formula. Iabal Ahmad says if someone wear a ring with the name of ALLAH engraued on it he shall be respected.

YA REHMAAN: the people who terture their should due to negligence in faith and wordly matters they should say 
‘YA REHMAAN’ after every prayer. It is narrated that their souls will be purified from the negligenc. The children who do not like to study, must be given to drink the water mixed with this name. five time a day the person who says this name 298 times after Fajer prayer, God shall bless him and his heart will be brightened If a person is suffering from Epilepsy, saying. 

‘YA REHMAAN’ 40 times in one breath to his ear will recover him and he will be back to his senses at the same time. If an intelligent or ‘Kashaf’ says this name 2500 times for forty days according to terms and anditiens of recitation, he will observe secrets of nature.

‘YA RAHEEM’ Imam Ahmad Raza says if a person says this name 258 times daily, be will die death based on the light of faith. His mathematics in grave and the Bridge ‘PUL SARAAT’ will be easy to pass through fro unfulfilled desires, the names, ‘YA RAHEEM’ are there in the book ‘SHAMA SHABTSTAAN’ part 1 page 115 along with the complete method. This is most valuable thing to do. Saying this name 500 times daily makes you rich and all creatures of God become kind to you.

‘YA MALIKOO’ YA MALEEK’ ‘YA MALIKOO’ there names are aqual in meaning and aualities and the particular name in these three names which in according to your name by figures and numbers, say that name with the same seevenic.

Imam Ali Raza says this is a valuable method to get your wishes full filled and the person who prays after saying ths name 8100 times, his words would be accepted by God if someone says ‘ YA MALIK’ 90 times ‘YA MALEEK’ 100 times and ‘YA MALIK’ 90 times daily he will never be independent to people and the riches of the world will come to him. If someone says AL MALIKULQUDOOS’ 260 time His business and job will be taken to heights of glory and he will be he will be respected and if he says 90 times, his heart will be brightened. In part 1 page (130), the method of the whole process is involved Written Aristotle prepaired this formula for Zulqarnain and due to the influence of this formula even, lions used to get scared.

‘YA QUDOOS’ If someone says this name 180 times when the laying of prayer is pochinited, his heart will be purified and brightened and whoever writes this name on a loaf of bread and eats it after juma prayer, he will enjoy angel like qualities you should also say this name who the fear of enemy haunts you.