Praise and glory or plenty of wealth for non-Muslims. It’s a symbol of praise for non-Muslims. It is to tell them that we live like this, we are that glorious, and we have everything to be a prominent being for which we are doing. We are doing worship only to one and we are not worshipers of idols and other celebrities. Allah says, “are people thinking that they will be forgiven just because they said that we are Muslims?” this tells us that poorness, liberty are also tests. Allah wants to know who is with him and who is against. He wants to know who is patient enough to avoid bad ways like gamble, theft, and other bad deeds. He wants to know who is helping poor and who is helping his enemies. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said, “A beast cannot harm a bunch of goats as much as the intensity to get rich in a Muslim heart.” Nobles said, “Greed of this world is enemy of Allah’s closeness.”

The saints say, “world is to surf, not for love. Earn the wealth in this world for your loved ones and spend it in the way of God, but don’t love dearly this wealth. Your heart is for the love of Allah, no one else is allowed.” Hazrat Shibli asked once, “What is the ratio of ZAKAT?” Shibli said, “for Muslims, it is 5 dirham from 200, and for dear lover, it is zero from the same sum.” Thus it is proven that the love of wealth is a worse greed.

Allah said, “Allah decreases the interest and increases the charity and don’t take a guilty and unthankful person as friend.” The religious teachers say, “the earnings from interest often theft, forgotten or burnt into the fire or merge in dust or snatched or hares waste it in luxuries but he can’t get any benefit from it. But the earnings of charity grow like a seed from which 10 roots produces and every root contains 100 seeds. The benefit of charity is more at the end then in this world.”

Prophet (PBUH) said, “My Umma’s first virtue is belief and first sin is lie.” The meaning of belief is that Allah is the greatest feeder and master. Then said, “A Muslim do not created on lie and uncertainty, but he is a symbol of truth and virtues.” Then said, “He who showed pride, Allah ruined him and he feels like a king in himself but truly worse than a beggar.” Hazrat Ismail once said by Allah, “O Ismial, if you want me, find me in loneness and if you want me to agree upon you, you should agree my week people.”

Prophet (PBUH) said, “Jealousy and Faith cannot grow together in a Muslim heart.” He said, “Prevent you from Jealousy, because jealousy eats virtues like fire eats wood.” Now everybody should understand that poorness is also a blessing. He who is a poor fellow and do not look at skyscrapers of riches and worship only Allah and look only to him in all circumstances, he will be very close to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet (PBUH) said, “If you want to love me, love the poor and beggars of my Umma.”

The crown of praise and wealth is DAROOD-E-TAAJ. This darood is very famous and remain on most of the minds. Why not! Because its name is DAROOD-E-TAJ, recite it after FAJAR prayer with heart.