Answers of different Question

If in single time many request is do request. This answers us follows. First request should be par in unit and second in which moon is situated not the Talia first. Third should number one in which sun is present. Foulto in which the at 4th burj that should be sated in 1 number. To 5th sate in star Murcary. From star mar japien in birth of there which is powerful mate it in first satin. If 3 are less poues in which burj. They are present sat it unit No 1.

If venas in them whose grales are mare and in unit. Sit man to which person fal star be has in which burj be is present not it unit I. The should be ordered in first unit. Order should be set the 8th unit first. But autoerotic method is that in zaicha waise muan is present its other burj that should be in unit 8 and Answer the first unit request. 9th should be matle in unit first. 10 in which man sternies present it should be method as unit one. 11th from to the 12 house in there which star is powerful its house which burj is situated. That will be of unit one. God knows it better. Venis come to in one of there house. The exam and question of the of the beggar, his care and desire should be under stand. Be sides then if Venis moon appear come with power in there houses. Question is short.

Marriage and haalho. There care of it. Orders of zaicha of birth. Zaicha of birth is a an authorize thing to know the condition of life of he people. Which in a dents are related with fate can be a know ledged.