1: Be Patient in Discussion with others today .In particular, be patient with siblings and relatives. It`s just too easy to be at odds with others , but it doesn`t have to be that way, does it? 

2: It is very easy to get into arguments with others today , especially partners and close friends. Therefore , to avoid this, be toleent and patient. (you can do this.) 

3: Nobody would blame you for focusing all your attention on recent unsetting and, in some cases, unfair situations and, more important ,trying to put them right, however, you`ve done all you can, which means it time to step back, wait and see what the outcome of those efforts will be. 

4: Accidents are called accidents for a reasonthey happen through no one person`s concerted efforts, they just happen. So if you are involved in fender bender or any other type of collision (real or metaphorical)today, avoid taking it personally. Thing happen, and every time you can let the stress roll off of your back, you grow and leam. Of course, if you are in a situation where you know someone is working against you, you should feel free to get out your claws. 

5: feeling useful will suddenly be extremely important to you- right now, you are feeling that it doesn`t really matter whether or not you get what you want today when you see so many others who don`t have anythings at all. If you can be of service to someone (anyone) today, you will make yourself feel valuabal, like you are able to do just about anything. You are a positive force in people`s lives- even the people who don`t know you very well just yet. 

6: Are you a little bit nervous about meeting Someone new or starting a new venture today? Don`t be! As soon as you shake hands with a key new person in today`s adventure, you will be able to fell right at ease. Look into their eyes, and you will know that everything is going to work out fine. Yas, seeing is believing- and it is also reassuring. The transition you`re about to go through won`t be nearly as tumultuous as you had expected it to be,so get ready far a pleasant surprise. 

7: t`s possible that you`re feeling abliged to do something out of a sense of duty toward family or loved ones, Aries. Take this time to help someone who`s struggling with who thay are and what they`re doing in this world. Your concern for others reflects a noble sense of empathy that you should develop more regularty. We`re only as strong as the weakest link. Do your part to strengthen the chain. 

8: you`ll be stuck behind some rather slow- moving people today, so get ready to be patient. Bring a book with your just in case you`re stuck in a long line. Make sure you ve got good music in your car, because traffic could be hairy. And take keep, controlled breaths if you are stuck trying to explain something kind of simple to someone who is also kind of simple. It`s not that you are impatient or unreasonable: you`re not. But right now everything and everyone else is stuck in a lower gear.