BAB-UL-QARZ (Door of Debts)

People have various opinions about debt. Some says that debt is not good to take but good to give, and some said ití good to give. Why should we considers people sayings, letís look at Godís saying. There is various sayings about debt. Sometimes it is forbidden to give a debt and sometimes it is a great virtue. Somewhere it is a sin to take it and somewhere it is a virtue. For example, to take a debt by drinker for drinking, gambler for gambling and to purchase lottery is a sin. If the person who is giving this debt knowing that it will be used for bad deeds is also committing a sin. Similarly if a person takes debt for virtue the debtor and creditor are both committing virtues. i.e. taking debt for building house, for kids wedding and for ESAAL-E-SAWAB.

Donít take debt for artificial glory, even if you want to take debt for CHELUM. ESAAL-E-SAWAB can be done without any money, i.e. the home mates should recite Quran, DAROOD and various Surah of Quran. The people who waste money on such auspicious occasions are doing bad deed. The debtor has not fear both in this world and outer part but the creditor should be very careful while taking debt as it can become serious for him.


No. 01: This AMAL (way) is done by a Sahabi to kick away sorrow and debt. He does this practice daily day & night to get out of the debt in no time. But it is not proven by any Hadees. Hazrat Azeem Barkat said. ďAfter Fajarís sunnat recit SUBHAN ALLAH WABEHAMD HI trice and the after FARZ recite the following DUA.Ē

In the end, recite DAROOD-E-TAAJ and at ASAR prayer in the evening stay that the prayer place keep on reciting the above dua till maghrib. I have not done this practice, if anybody do this, please inform me as well.

No. 02:If someone owes you a debt and you donít like to pay it back. You are a criminal. You took debt in need and now you donít have sources to return or you took debt in negligence and now donít know what to do. You should pray to Allah for forgiveness and do the following practice, InshaíAllah you will succeed.

After FAJAR prayer 101 times, after ZUHAR 91 times, after ASAR 81 times, after MAGHRIB 71 times and after ISHA 61 times. Do this practice regularly for 7 days. If you donít find it fruitful after 7 days then do it on the night of the day when you started this. Wakeup at midnight and take a bath, offer two NAFAL and start this practice. After this pray with heart and keep faith that everything will be ok. Then go to then go to the MASJIDís door and loudly say, ďASSALAM-O-ALIKUMĒ InshaíAllah debt will be cleared soon.