1: All your dealings with authority figures in your life – bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police – will be subject to disputes and disagreements today. People are impatient. And they`re bossy! (Chill Out.) 

2: Behind-the-scenes transastions might meet with obstacles today. Instead of being pushy or aggressive, bide your time. 

3: The advice of those you trust and respect important at an any time. Yet during periods of rapid change, growth and development, such as this is trusting yourself is even more important. If in doubt what to do , think whether you`d regret not having taken a chance on what`s come your way. 

4: You need to know where to go for the information that will help you the most in life. Instead of asking friends for advice on how to fatten up your rapidly – thinning piggy bank, go ask an expert. Friend are who you should talk to about your love life, work hassles and other personal dramas. But when it comes to finances, investments and your savings account, you don`t want to mix those two worlds. Sharing too much about how much money you make or have could also create unnecessary friction. 

5: Do not flinch if someone delivers you some bad news today – deep down inside, you kenw this was coming. And if you weren`t prepared enough to handle this news with ease, do not worry about how things will turn out –you will only get overwhelmed. Instead, focus on the smaller issues that you can do something about. There are things you can do to ease the blow of this negative news, so do them. Don`t let yourself get drawn into the drama. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. 

6: Being a part of a group doesn`t really count unless you are an active member. Are you contributing all that you could be contributing, or are you sitting in the background, hoping no one ever enlitsts your help? If you don`t really want to be involved, do yourself ( and everyone else) a favor and bow out of the group altogether. If you joined this group for a reason, remind yourself what that reason was. Then try raising your hand and getting more involved. 

7: You have exactly the right amount of discipline and sense of duty to accomplish quite a bit today, cancer. You thinking should be clear. Your sense of time and restriction works in your favor to help you figure out any puzzles that present themselves. You have a strong will that helps you completa just about every task you undertake. 

8: Should you or shouldn`t you? No matter what you are debating right now, your indecisive nature isn`t going to enable you to come to a decision on your own. This is one of those rare times when someone,s outside opinion could be just what you need to see thing more clearly. Do some online research to help you narrow down your options, and if you can, talk to someone who`s been stuck in a similar conundrum. Making a choice doesn`t always have to be a totally solo endeavor.