1: Squabbles about money or possessions are likely today. Therefore, if you want to avoid this unpleasantness, steer clear of these subjects! Patience id your ally today

2: Tomorrow is a far better day to get the cooperation of others than it is today. Knowing this, go gently today. Let people at work do their own thing.

3: you`ll say you`re leaving decisions to others because you want to enco urage their independence. Yet to tend to remain by the sidelines , watching and perhaps worrying. Now, however, circumstance are demanding that you focus your attention elsewhere, which is probably best for others and, truth be known, for you, too.

4: are you running the risk of getting too big for your britches> just in case you should give yourself a reality check today – before someone else does! Make an effort to get more grounded. Spend time with people who live a different lifestyle. Get a glimpse of what their biggest issues, goals, and concems are . just having a short conversation with a stranger at the grocery store will wake you up to the reality of your situation – and make your much more grateful for what you have.

5: You need to step up to bat today, because your group of friends or coworkers is in desperate need of a leader like you! Right now your brain is sharp, your convivial energy is strong, and you have a facts are undertying and current intrigues. He said/she said confiicts won`t last long when you`re team captain. People need you! Volunteer to take over. Everyone – induding you – will be glad you did.

6: Itiata a converstion with someone you don`t usually talk to. Or strike up a chat with someone who you don`t usually see eye to eye with. Today Listen to this person. Work hard to respect what they say. You`re the one who is responsible for setting the tone for an honest dialogue, and you`ll be the tow of you start improving your communication skills and relationship. Harmony is easy to achieve when you think the best of someone.

7: Make a plan at the beginning of the day for what you want to accomplish by sundown, Capricorn this is a good time to tackle many of the nitpicky tasks that require you attention, Be conscious of the fact that there are time limits and restrictions on some of the things you`re working on. Keep on task and try not to get distracted by other people.

8: This is a great day for friendship – making them, strengthening them, and celebrating them! The people you like the best are wonderful distractions during the day, and each interaction you have, from phone calls to text messages, will add a lovely Spark of sunshine to your life. Savor the time you spend with loved ones. Make each moment count by never, ever assuming they know how you feel! Communicate to new and old friends alike just how much you care.