Diagnosing of Disease

See the 6th house when gone have made zaicha. If star Venus is situated then patient should have mental disease. If in 6th house star stern is present. The owner flow of blood in gneer will be cause of diner. If 0 house star Mars come then blood present Jaundice and out or inter worrel will occur. If star sun is present possibility of heart liswse will be must. If star Japitar comes then kidneys will be damage. And vrinary bladder and uterus will be damaged. Dibeter defect in seaual urgan will be accur. If star Marcary comes then disease histaria half can psara exptlepsi and esthame wll accar. If star moon come in 6th house disentay.deudind disease and disease of stomach will occur. If then is no star then look the first house. If first unit one oner star the disease will be pain finer and mental disease.

If unit one star come time to the abdomen disease should be know. If star comes in first unit pain an hashing or internal. If star comes in the house the disease will be by cald ur dreed. If in 6th house the disease will be by lack of diet. If in 6th house. The disease will be by majic or guasts. If in sehenth house. The disease will be because of borrow woner fight. Failur in day compaction sepacy of name fan and the man became ill. If comes in 9th house then sz the use of hot drawgs or bz the trouble of passage the diocax my stick. If comes in 10th house think about. Enthama. Sgpblis .Gsurhaen. If comes in 11th house the defect of start again us in uterus maz be oceur or by the love. If Ist ant star come in 12 unit than the wound by felling form side the dinase may be occan paint. In zaicha 6th house which Burj occur and Burj of which art that should be of that cast Far example . In 6th house Scarpau and pieases came the disa mer of patient should be Barhman. And far its sahtin the doctor should be pious. The dmags mey not be against the religion of patient. If Leu Sagraris in the 6th house of zaicha accur. The patient will be cased by Kurbter jat.

If buy capricur Burj Virgo burg traces in 6th –d house occurs. Than Tavizat e-Amlint 3 will fastly effect. If in 0 6th house Burj jumni Burj where area one of then comes then by shout cure will be better. Ailment of pution dixare and star by the knowledge of stronglythe classification of human body is as fallows. The muth and lead is related with Burj Aries. Nade and thrount with Atwis. Arms and hand with jimni . chost an with Cancer the theigher with Lew. Ahdicman with Virgo. Skinand beauty with Libra. Sekinand beauty with Libra. Sexual argun are related with Searpew. Legs with Sagitaris. Kneos with capricarn lower legs with g aquarist. And finger of fact conection with peaser.