Died and alive person

This is very deep matter Bat the general method is this that when name suspected zaicha name. Firtst of all according to this time on which 0 time it rows to you. Prepare timely zaicha of it. Which number of timely ziachas unit my be as if in Talin burj Gimney came the unit of 3 will be It seapew cam the number will be 4. If peases name the number of 12. write these numbers separate. After it see the wanted zaichas 8th home. The owner star of in which house is situated writes it number separate. After it included the birth lagan of born pesson. Tatal sum in which house is situated multiply with number of that burj number. Obtained amout shuld be divided by janam Kundlt number.

If it is situated an jrfat number and remain zero the Kunlt will be of died pesson think it wrong at it appointee side For example. One man on 24 April at many time was born at Lahore. Zaicha is us follows: This is no name and date of birth on this zaicha. What is the father of that person. Time of zaicha in the mornig at Lahore at the time of 4.30 am as it is.

Timely zaicha and of Lahore Pakistan time. Now in this zaicha Talia burj where is the north 4th burj. This 4 number we write separate. After if we o 8th house of zridve of Birth. In that home number of 8 is written which burj scarpea. And its where is in the 6 house of zaicha wrote if separate the 6th number. After number of 1 added it who which of Talin burj Tatal 11 number and in 8th house of star mar. Tatal sum will be 66. Now this sum will be divided with unite one. The result is zero, 0. It is proved that Sahih-e. vilabt is not alnim it is true. This zaicha is of Quaide. Millat priminester of Pakistan. His birth dat is second 1895 day Tuesday