Sail did this question in 1953 at 9:55 minutes at Lahore. Then we prepare timely zaicha which is us follow. In this zaicha burj Cancer has come. Its answer star is in its home. And this house it is relation with a doctor. 80 it is know that doctor is able man. And by his answer patent will get better. And lacle after at zaicha 4th. Then in it Burj liner and star Mars are situated. Whild has the order of effected mediannes.

These mediamr should be star which are neutral. After it 7th house of zaicha is related with diseax. Then in it Burj cavricam is present its owner star is Venes. In zaicha 3rd house which is Virgo house. And star Venes and Murcary are equal. Then form patients will get cured slowly. After it in the 10th house of zaicha while is related with the life of patient. In this house Burj Aries is situated. Which is star Mars house. And it in it stares is situated. And Stern and Mars house. And Stern and Mars are friend unit one another. And are completed with each other. By it we know that patent will alive and be cured.