1: Arguments with friends and acquaintances, especially females, are highly likely today. The fact is people are actually looking for a fight! Run away! Run away! 

2: today the moon is in your sign, which makes you a bit more emotional than usual. However, this also can bring you a bit of good luck. Nevertheless, easy does it. 

3: To you, as an inquisitive Gemini, nothing`s more exciting than discovering a new place to go or idea to learn about. Not only is that exactly what you`re doing this is just the beginning of a cycle that will enrich you in many ways. For now, focus on exploring what`s on offer. 

4: you need to know where to go for the information that will help you the most in life. Instead of asking friends for advice on how to fatten up your rapidly – thinning piggy bank, go ask an expert. Friend are who you should talk to about your love life work hassles and other personal dramas but when it comes to finances investments and your saving account you don`t want to mix those two worlds. Sharing too much about how much money you make or have could also create unnecessary friction. 

5: One of those charming (if a tad bit eccentrice) characters who is currently in your life is getting a bit too nosy, right now. Your business is, after all, yours. If you want to spare yourself some future exasperation, tell this busybody to mind their own business Be polite, but prepare to repeat yourself- because they aren`t likely to get the hint right off the bat. Your life is going to be much more fascinating to other people than it is to you right now, believe it or not. 

6: If you work consciously to put yourself in a couple of different, challenging situations today, you will be greatly rewarding in terms of romance. Get ready for a lot more action in your love life! When you show the universe that you are ready to play ball and take risks, it will reward you with more invitations to do just that. This is merely the tip of the iceberg for you, because over the next few days you will be entering into a you`ve ever known. 

7: your flamboyant approach may not get as much attention today as you`d like, Gemini. Don`t push yourself to achieve something that isn`t working by insisting that something should be done your way, you`ll only create enemies and bottlenecks in what ever task you`re trying to reserved approach is going to win today. 

8: In order to make any real progress today (especially in terms of your health), you need to evaluate your goals and put together a list of your top priorities. Do you want to lose weight or get toned? Do You want to do it by increasing your exercise or by decreasing your calorie intake? Do you have a specific deadline in mind (a wedding, a party)? Or is this an overall lifestyle change? No matter what your goals, this type of analytic approach will help you get to the finish line faster.