It *has many kinds and some important are the following ones

1: (Karponda) It is a black stone which is used as industrial use. It is very bright
2: (Pure Diamond) It is very bright and clear. It is used in dressings.
3: (Balaas) It is a rigis hind of to sharpen tools. It is very useful.
4: (Bort) It is black –Brown stone and is used in industrial needs. It is useful for many diseases.


* If a diamond is brought to darkness from daylight, it brightens. * A real diamond cuts Neelam and Turquoise. It also cuts glass. * there is no any hair or line in the diamond.

It is the hardest stone. It is devided into two characteristics (Internal Characteristics) * Its tessens pain while child-birth and an easy delivery takes place. * It is cure for menses problems. Using it in s ring given peace and strength of mind. * It creates freshness in nature.

* It is useful diseases of eyes and it strengthens eyesight. * It strengthens will-power. * It removed the effects of ghosts and magic. * It is also useful for obtivion. * It saves us from calamities and worries. * It removes mental worries. * It adds to wit and knowledge.

* If it is found in someone’s stomach accidently in its raw from the person can be died because it can cut the stomach for being very hard. * Medicine made diamond creates Hormones in sexual glands. It removes slackness and sexual weakness. If it is not mixed with the medicine properly it can cause death. * Its medicine removes Physical diseases like paralysis and stomach problems. * It controles sugar and stops the lack of insolene. It also balanies the quantity of sugar in blood. * Its medicine is very valuable for increasing man’s sexual power. * Its ‘KUSHTA-E- ALMAAS’ clears veins.