Before starting a work we take guidance from almighty by unknown ways, it is called istikhara. In a saying, it is found that a person will not bear loss if he took guidance from istikhara. Hazrat Anas narrates a saying of Holy prophet, “a person should do istikhara 7 times then whatever he found right do it, he will not be harmed.”

Zafar Jaleel said, “good works like, business, journey, job, marriage and other good works should be done with the help of istikhara.” Istikhara should not be done for bad works. Even though the gamblers are eager to get istikhara from some Nobel people of their numbers. The people who have faith like putting Quran and snaps of whores in a same line are very bad. Allah knows better than all but these people are responsible of religion’s losses. Most of the divorces of gamblers are conducted due to these PEERZ. The gamblers even don’t care while selling the jewelry of wife. We should abide the rules of Allah and do whatever is in favor of our religion.