Janam Rasi

In which harji the star moon is situated. That burj is the janam Rasi for e.g. make Zaicha.

Introduction of man and woman Zaicha

This question has very sare answers in the books of western astrologist. But Hindhu astrologist made its situated in the books. Which is 99.3/ correct. When name zaicha came to gon than in the first unit of this zaicha write. Then on a separate paper. And after it in which house the star are written. Write all the numbers and divide it on 3. If 1 on o zero remained than zaicha.

Situated will be of male and if 2 are remained the zaicha will be of woman. Far example. Page No 46 in which on. First number is written. The unit of 3. write the 3 separate. After it sun and jupites house 5 number on the place o f mars and Murcary 6 month on Venus 8 on moon and dragon number of g. on star 12 alfabet is written. After adding all number the number will be gain 43. to whom by multiplying 3 it is know that this Zaicha is of woman not of man.

In Which Harjtr the far moon in nitated that burj is the janam ras far e-g make zaicha. Introduction of man and woman zaicha.

This question has very nare an ever in the hooks of westeson ustrolegeth but hindle astrogist made its relation in their hooks. Which is 99.3% curect. When some zaicha come to yon then in the furst unit of this zaicha write. Them on a sepasate perper. And after it in which house the ntaro are wittern. Write all the numbers and divided if on 3 ilf1 on O zers remained tham zaicha related will be of male and if 2 we remained the zaicha will be if worotten.

For example page no 46 in ahich on first mahc number is written the mit of 3 write the 3 reparte after it sun and jupi fas house 5 nomber on the pledce of mars and macary 6 number of 9. On ston 12 alfalsr is written number will be gain 43 on to when by maltply on 3 it is know that this zaicha is of woman nat of man zaicha.

5:Died and aline person That is very deep matter. But the geared method is this that when name respected ziacha come. First of all according to this time on which time it wmes to you. Prepare timely zaicha of it which number of timely zaicha write may be. As if is lalir. Burj cemmery caome. 

The unite of 3 will be if searpen cam the number will be 4 if perpres name the number of 1-2 write these numbers resaete after it ree the wanted zaichas 8th home the owner for of if which hase is nitarats writes it number repirate. 

After include the histh lagun of burn person. Tatal sum in which house is nitated halthirly with write number of that burj numbers. Abtarned am out handle be divided by janam kundli number if it is divided an jufat number and remains zero the kundli will be of died person. Think it worong at irs appanite ride. 

For example one manon 24 pril at money time was barn at Lahore. Zridn as follous shanis no mane and date of birth on theirzaicha. What is the fulen of their person. Time of zaicha in the marning at cohas at the time of 4:30 am as it is timely zaicha of lakne person them.

Now in this zaicha Talia burj which is in narth 4th burj. 

This 4 nanba we wnate nrpsratre After we nar 8th lax of zaidue of birth. In that hame number of 8 is wniten which burj becapen and is now is in the 6 those of zaicha wrote id neyar ale the 6th number after number of 1 added it aho which of talia burj. Talia 11 number and in 8th lan of star mar.

talia tum will be multiply with 6 that will be 66. Now this san will be diaided will unite one. The result is zero 0. Ut is proned that. That zaicha vilaht is nat alaine it is true. This zaicha is of quaide millat periminster of Pakistan. His birth dat is istod 1895 day Tuesday .