Knowledge from Dreams

All dream noble and saints often dream of true things and happenings. We should reveal our dreams to noble and good people or we ourselves should consider them good. Our dreams must not be a cock and but story. If you dream rather see night mare you should check if there is digestion problem due to over eating.

Some pregnant women or the women who dream trange, their dreams should Not be beloved. Reading Aya tul- kursi 7 times on oil 1 or 2 drops should be poured in to the ear before sleeping four kul should also be read on that oil.

If a person is true follower of Ghaus pak (R.A) and he dreams strange, he should not get werried rather he should consider then the part of fate. If is stated in the Hadit that dream is the 46th part of prophet hood God a wares his noble people of future in dreams. Dreams can not be explained in words. To cut the matter, it is enough for witty persons.

Seeing the blessing of God
He will find paradise, be free from confinement and will find wordly ad well spiritually blessings.

Seeing Happy Prophets
He will find respect in religion and world and will see the Holy Prophet but seeing bad things will stay opposite.

Seeing the Saint
It is a good symbol and the symbol of greatness.

Seeing Nobe People
It is also a symbol of greatness.

Seeing Israfeel 
It is a very Good symbol regarding religeen and word.

Seeing Heaven
It is a Symbol of wealth or bigh status, he will be respected.

Seeing Clouds
King or ruler will be kind to him. He will enjoy blessings.

Seeing the Shadow of clouds every where 
It is the symbol of disease or tussel the rain is a symbol of blessing clouds together with rain are symbol or paid debt. The enslaved will be free the diseased will be recovered.

Seeing bright Sun
It is the symbol high rank and status. Seeing the rising of the sun from the house is a symbol of getting a women if the seer is with out a women.

Seeing the dips or the sun covered with dust or clouds
It is the symbol of disease or difficulty. The seer will face the death of if he has reached the heaven in dream. He will get respect in religion and world.

Seeing yourself flying 
It is a symbol of safe and sound traveling.

Saying Azaan
He will perform Hajj and if he says the words in Azann he himself does not know he will be a thief.

Seeing egg and being owner of eggs
If someone finds an agg with out knowing the animal, it will be symbol of getting women.

Fating eggs
Eating egg is a symbol of fair wealth and if someone eats without cooking, it is unfair wealth. If someone eats the cover of egg It is a symbol of getting wealth from a dead body or a killed person.

Eating the meet of camel
He will suffer disease but get fair livelihood.

Seeing Coin
It is a symbol of a baby or profit in trade or high rank.

Wearing the ring
The person will marry a beautiful women or get a good job.

Seeing a gale
Is a symbol of sorrows some sorrows are near or some disease would be spread.

Seeing camel
If camel is under his possession he will rule the world and if camel is in a row it is the same.

Seeing camel in a sitting position
Some calamity is about to come.

Riding camel
Is a symbol of Hajj

Seeing fig 
Is a symbol of wealth

Seeing the leaf of a Fig
Is not a symbol of good.

Eating Fig
Is a symbol of wealth but the person will remain greedy.

Eating or seeing guava
If is sweet is a symbol of good and if it is bitter it is a symbol of sorrows

Eating Nut
Is a symbol of profit in trade

Eating comfit
Is a symbol of appreciation and wealth the person will be moble.