This is a firing star. This star belongs to Hazrat Ali (RA). This star shines on DAMISHQ and SAMARKAND. He who born in this star will be brave, honest and noble and a little proudy.This person can be hurried in all sorts of work and can also be a determent man. Will be rich and courageous. Voyage is always beneficiary for this guy and also the box of voyage is HAMAL. TALAY’s unlucky years are 2~6~12 and after this 90 years of age. The TALAY’s woman is red, white and wheaty with beautiful figure and courage. Sundays and Mondays are lucky for her and also she will be very romantic. The unlucky years for her are 3~13 and then 90 years of age.

Spread shows that work problems will be resolved early in this week. Travel is on the card regarding business. Cultural activities are highlighted. Fresh investments will bring profits. Lover life is full of fun and adventure. Domestic affairs will be fine. The married will spend most of their time at home. Business related to education, publication and printing are beneficial. Heavy expenses will make you look for additional avenues of work. Wednesday is good for every matter this week.


The genie of this star told HazratSuleman, “I often tease the person who come to my places without TAVEEZ. My places are trees, open fields and salons. The signs are back pain, arm aches, headaches and heart pains. The cure are 40 kg rice, 3 kg salt, 2 meter fabric and write the TAVEEZ with white cock.


The changing Moon enters sociable Gemini and your eleventh hose of friends and associates, helping you to feel more frisky. Joking around with your pals will be therapeutic, so don’t hesitate to join the gang. An ability to laugh at yourself will make you even more popular among your acquaintances. Good cheer abounds. Beneficial colours are electric blue and lime green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.


The blend of Moon and Jupiter should give you the creative edge today. Whether you use your talent at work, at home or just choosing a stunning ensemble to wear today, your style and originality will be very much in evidence. Romance is favored this evening, so be sure to make time for togetherness. Fortunate colours are maroon and tan. Lucky numbers are 1 and 9.