1: Definitely avoid heated discussions about politics, religion or racial issues today. People are too easily excited and emotional about things. Steer clear of these kinds of discussions! 

2: Relations with female acquaintances or members, of groups might not go as smoothly as you would like. With this in mind, go easy don`t push the river. 

3: It`s true, with your ruler the Sun and mercury still positioned in the most strategic portion of your chart, your options are severly restricted. Despite that, their superb alliance to the planet of focus and achievement, Saturn, indicates centain dreams you`ve worked long and hard to achieve will suddenly come good. 

4: Despite the fact that your are feeling better than you have felt in years right now is not the time to go out and celebrate. You are not overly-impulsive as arule, but today you should beheve even more conservatively than usual. Bide your Time and the right opportunity to have ablast will present itself soon enough. Skip any splurges and stay close to home. You can have just as celebratory a time culddled up with a good book or your sweetie as you can at big party. 

5: Much to your surprise, your finances seem to be slowly falling in to place. This is a good news, although it dose not mean that you should go back to your old ways of shopping and (not) tracking your costs. Now that you have gotten everything under control don`t give up! You`ve gotten used to life with a tighter belt, and there id still a lot you can learn about how to trim the fat. Keep going, and you will be very proud of what you can save in just a few months. 

6: An old friendship might be moving into a phase of reawakening. Someone from your past is back on the scene, and they are looking for some helpful insight from you. This opportunity to get involved in their life is going to bring a smile to your face. Their unique view on the world is something you have been missing for a while, and it`s a wonderful feeling to have it back again. People come and go in life. Celebrate it when someone returns! 

7: Trying to talk your way out of tasks and obligations probably isn`t the best way to win friends today, Lio. In fact, this is a time to get yourself in gear and take responsibility for your actions. The time you spend trying to weasel your way out of something is better spent just doing the thing that your need to do. Be understanding and receptive of other people`s objectives. 

8: You`ve got some very restless power growing inside you right now. What are you going to do with it? Channel all of your energy into a useful direction, and you will see some great progress before the end of the day. Help a worried friend or lend a hand to a harried co-worker. Take on a new obligation if you can. Your restlessness is a gift that, while challenging, will give you a chance to shine and build your ego up to where it should be right now- healthy!