1: Things are very touchy with partners and close friends today. Not only is the Moon directly opposite your sign today, it is also opposite fiery Mars. ( Big oops.) 

2: You might run into minor abstacles today with travel plans or higher education. This also applies to publishing, the media, 

3: Teamwork has a lot to say for it, however, if you`re to make the best of certain fantastic ideas or offers, you`ll need to do something out of character. You`ll need to move fast. Even more important, you`ll have to put you and your interests, and those of others second. 

If you are stuck in the middle of a dilemma right now doing something what you think is right ( even if you are not totally sure it is right) is better then doing nothing at all. So stop trying to nail down every single detail. You can`t eliminate every single potential problem. It`s time to start acting ! things are never going to be perfect so if you are waiting a until they are you will be waiting a very long time – too long in fact. You need to keep moving even if you don`t know exactly where you`re going. 

 A recent spat might have left a bad taste in your mouth, but as far as everyone else is concerned , you name has no block mark to it. There have been no grudges held, so you need to do yourself a favor and forget about the unpleasantness that occurred. Focus on the future, put a smile on your face, and put your best foot forward. They`ve already forgotten all about it, so how about your try doing the same thing? Guilt won`t get you where you need to go. 

 This is going to be one heck of a super day, full of whatever you want it to have. If you`re in a flirting mood, you will have no problem finding a charming partner. But if you`re in a quieter mood, you will have all the time you need to get away from the hubbub of the rest of the world in order to find the solace you seek. Your wishes will be obeyed, you hopes will be met, and your expectations will all be exceeded. So just have a wonderful time! 

7: The fire within you may be burning brightly, Libra, but unfortunately, there ins`t great deal of fuel available to keep it going. It may seem as if people are trying to rain on your parade, but they`re just trying to do their duty. Relax and contemplate what`s going on around you. This may not be the best day to implement change and promote new ideas. 

Too many changes happening too quickly could bring you right back to square one, so take thing slowly right now! Sure you`re all jazzed up over the inprovements you want to make in your life, and that is to be commended. But you can`t successfully take on more then you can actually deal with. You might think that thing everything on at once will ensure that you`ll stick to the plan, but nothing could be further from the truth. One step at a time` is the best way to reach your goal.