Timely zaicha is related with marriage. So sails zaicha of birth is present there is no need to make zaicha validate. If zaicha validate not present then present zaicha of viladate. If in 7the house star sun present then sails eze night will be defected. Or with whid girld nikaha may be done its left eze will be defected or after nikaha defect will accur. Star come in rouse 8th house will whay the urdu of his wife. And after 3 year of nikha is very less lencfet will be star Mar or Ras present then it will time moon after marriage or may be helpless faer disagree. If in 7th house luagun is situated the urfe will be diseased us remain without progeny. In 7th house if star Murcurey come. The wife will be wise and less spender. And with progcmy in jariah an wife may ill with leeasrhac if in 7th house stern comes with will be blessing. After marriage it is nessary to gain property. But should not have mare live with his wife. And wife will loutiful and sahih-e-ilum. In 7th house star Venes is present the wife wall he had attitude 7th house star come in 1 house the wife will be dwobelient. If comes in 2nd house the wife will be in house letacraln or ababartion my be accur.

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If any other star sees with perfect eyes the 6 marriage wall occurs. In 7th house japitar occur the harin will live. Two marriage. In the one will be widow and other marybe denaread. 7th house star jupit situated in houl the marriage will be uint of will: star moon Mars or Venus in 2nd house the true mirage will uecm.