Method to Prepare Zaicha

For the preparation of Zaicha it is necessary to known the born date and time of birth. If there is mirtrke of time. All Zaicha with be wrong. There are name condition to know the right time.

Antrologist has divided day and night in 7 parts. And western warlord has divided it in 24 rows every one part is of 2 hirs paot half so far in which time the holey is born write the time of that accasion.

Sewich the time of son rining of that place. Because San does not shine every where in a name time. For e-g in Indo part there is day and in USA it is night. So there is difference in Semetime and set of are places. Part e.g. when there is a clack at Lahore. In Delhi 12 part 20. Become Delht is in the eart. So there is 12 a clock in Lahore there all he 12.58 in Kolthatu. So far in when 12.o clock at Lahore. Go clock will be at Mekka. So far when in Lahore there is12 a clock in London there will he 7 o clock in London. So it is necessary to know the place may to Najumi that in his house at in November a bay born. His Talia burj is Mezan which is correct to Lahore time. Sait is better to known the night time of 12 his birth. If is object to make the Madaris tim add 32 minutes in it. Than it will he Madaris standard time. Far e g. One kbly born at in April 1922 at juma at 12 o clock in noon. born at Batal Tehsil Gordespus.

His Zaioh of birth is to be known. It is necessary to know the Time of Sun nix of that day. According to jantary the time is 6:8 A 8 of clock And buy Aries time is 1 hour and 12 minute. So sun wid he in burj Aries at 7 pas 8 a clock. This burg deisce is daily 2 minutes and 50 second. And born birth is 2 month of. No this 5 min and 20 and minus from. I have and 12 minute than I have and 2 minutes and 20 seconds remained. It is known that there is circulation of burj humal in Sun. Because the time is 12 pm 28 minutes in the noon. So far fix time of burj soors. 1 have and 36 minute added then 8 o clock 4.51 minutes and 40 second is will be the time. The had added burj jimni time than counted 10 o clock 51 minutes and 40 second were nathed. Then burj cancer time was nated that was 1,o,clock 15 minute occur nated. Our wanted time is 1 part 12 minute after noon. Than Talia viladut burj will be Cancer. This is 4th burj in North. So in Zaicha 4 will he written in birth country. After if arranging the Zaicha that which star is in which burj will be mathoud in the name row. So from this methods timely zaicha so far the begyorn when asha. Then to remon burj and prepare zaicha

For the prepare time of zaicha if is mecerasry to be mor the horis date and time of birth. If there id miotare of time All Zaicha will be Wrong. There are name condition to know the right time.
1: Antrologist has divided day and night in 7 parts. And western world has divided it in 24 hours every one pant is of his part half do per in which time the hoby is them write the time of that oceasion. Scarch the time sun rining of that every where in a some time for e-g in indo part there id day and in uzr it is night. So there id difference in a sun rise and set of are places.

Pange. When there is the clack at have in delhis trprot 20 Become pelhi is in the earth so when there is in a clock in cakar there will he 15:58 in kolkatr. So par in when 12 o clock at lahace Io clock will bear mekha. So far when is carar there is 12 a clock in London there will he 7 a clock is London. So it is meceasry to know the place of birth of any camly.

An one person any to nijami that in his house at in Name bu a bay born. His there bring is mezan wheds in carrect a look are time. Bat the place of birth is engcnd If is mrcery ncearding the London time saif is batter know tha right time of his birth. If is ahject time of the madras. Time add 3 miatnuts in it than it will be madaris nachard time. Far eg one baby harn at in Apari 1422 at jilmd at 120 clock in moon. Horn at bottle tehil Garded pus. His Zaich of birth is to be kno.

It is mecersay to know the time of Sun Six of that day Accarding to jantary the time is bear and 12 Minuts. So sun will be in buag Aorits at 7 Pas 8 Clade this burg Deoce is Daily 2 Minates and 50 Second. And Barn Bithe is 2 Month od vasakh. No it is 5 Minute 20 second. No this 5 min and 20 and minus far I Have and 12 minute them I have 7 minute and 20 second remind.

It is know that is sun. Be case on time is 12 hour 28 minute in the moon. So for fix time of basy soon I have 36 minute added them 8 clock 51 minute and 40 second is will be he time. The aad added herj jimni time than caunted 10 O clock 51 minute and 40 second were mated. Then haji cacur time was mated that was 1 O clock 15 minute are nated. Dur wanted time is 1 part 12 minute after noon. Then talia viladat burj World be cancer. This is 4th burj in narth. So in zaicha 4 will be we then in birth counting. After if arranging the zaicha that they which star is in which hanj will be mated in he name now.

So from this method timely zaicha so far the beggrn when asho. Then to remore harj and prepare zaicha. 2: Use of siful pal momente. Hiadne jotarhi has the time ruler as 60 uppil will has sipal. 60 sipal wnri ot od a bipal. 60 bipal wanted a pal. 60 pal has a use bhori 60 bhari ka ek dinar 60 chariris consirt of a day. 2/1/2 whin has scwnd 2/1/2 pal has a minut. 2/1/2 chini has a hour. 24 minute has a chair. 3:canion of zaicha of birth in a right way. Apto the no rise us anarg have the day is up. By multiply the with chair and by multiplying then with minute pal will be readuced. After that then 15 and its one unite is hour them 30 and 2 minute are more then 5. then 3 units whanld be added in the achieand charies.

After that look when is star san is conriating in zaicha. If star is in bury arier then 1 unit if in etaris then 2 unite id it is joza jamni then 3 unite aso par an whidr bury star sun is present. If burj should be added in unite ghries. And divied will the on 12 which remins in which unite the star sun is rituated. Cout n the house in which that talk ends. So that is the ring of right zaicha of birth. Now counting the house of zaicha in unite one. If in counting in time of birth. I as first time nomes the zaicha will be right.

Other was it will be know worng. For e-g one child 14 tpnil 1922 day Friday lakare time in the moon bare in at 12 part 28. At then day s. sun set at 6 part 8 O clock. And the break in counted 6 hour and 20 minute now this 6 hour are multiply with 2/1/2 then 15 gharies occurred 20 minute are multiply with 2/1/2 the came out 50 pul 50 pals are neprated where fax we wsote its 3 unite neparste. Now multiply 15 duyge with that rennet will. In 60 No with 3 unite it will be 63. No at in anedl rtar sun is in the burj Aries. Which is first burj me inite us added and thay became 64. Now 69 are divided on in the result is 4.

We camprison what burn zaicha. Sun is which house in nitated from these 4 with ands on unite one we cording to zaicha. So the birth moment come in the zaicha one if will arated right far e-g one haure burj on 5 sep 1927 in nied night of Monday and Tuesday. At 55 charies. 12 pal he fare sun rise at are of ghages burn tilsil and disstt an has nas burn. Ghaghe hand is 12/1/2 sdrine from the time of lak are which are called pal. And own time is 12/1/2 pal. By the calculation the hour burj talir comes in countings. It is zaicha in as fullowos. Now we that to see erther. This zaicha is right are wrong. So in have conuted the burn haly birth 5 shuoring 12/1/2 pal are regained.

These ghasies as multiplied that abtain 220. After it we now the sun that is nitisated in 5 th burj ahutaned ration is 225 pal are less that 15 so no unite will be counted no ch horind ratio. Will dinaled on 225 remain of game zaicha. Now in 9th unite is counted in star sun then it end on 11th house. That is 11th house from 1st zaicha It is found that zaicha of birth is wrong.

How came to it be carredled in this to way the time of born baby. Before sun star it is 32-5 pals. Now accauding to periniple it is 220. Becase pal are ahine and it is counted with multiply of bcause 220. Thursday the star sun us walhing in harj it tatal is 227. Now hy dividing it on 12th the remain unite attnel 12. Now it is coated in 11 unite it will be in the ratine of 11 unite.

That is carrect that unite of sehal wilated is n that unite of zaicha. It under in 5 an house the zaicha is carrect, otherwise it is counted houng soif theme is dippare in zaicha that then pal and ghuries runled be less un mase und to collect is accuited reading.