The person belongs to this star has two characteristies. First-brown coloured and brave second- white coloured and timid. But both things are symbol of wealth. 

He will travel a lot with benefit but his faithfulness will not be returned. His bad wishers will be many. The first part of his life will be spent in worries and the rest part of his life will be comfortable. 

His end will be peaceful. If he dose not lost heart in troubles believing in God will very thing will be made easy for him. If he has a mole on his chest or limbs, If is a good men. 

He will love his brothers and friends and find love in response. He will have to part with his mother. He will marry many times. but lives his life with only one. 

He will have off spring in abundance but dislurbance will hevnt them. He will often suffer from disease due to clod winds and pain in waist. Many people will be jealoeis of him but none will harm him. 

Wearing white dress will be good. The month of Rabiul Awal will be good to de every deed. 

Seeing new moon to blow on water will also be very good.

If he is to take something from on the right side. If he passes the age of 17 or 18, he will be considered 90 years of age.