The person who belongs to this star will be faithful, Good-natured clever and kind to his relatives and neighbours. He will not be given reward for his being kind to others sitting among old people is better for him and he should avoid from eating Haraam-earned from unfair means. 

Otherwise he will have to lose three rupees to get one rupee. Travelling is harmful to him. He will get riches in abundance.

He will ether spend this money to perform ‘HAJJ’ or will perform same other noble need equal to ‘HAJJ’ He will see the Holy Prophet (PBOH) in his dream.

Gardening will be fruit-full for him. He will not have off springs in abundance. He will be teased by his off springs. He will often suffer from the pain in chest and head. 

Eating honey and ‘Kaleangi’ in the morning is better for him, blue and yellow eyed person will be harmful to him. If he travels towards ‘Qibta’ If will be blessed for him. If he remains safe from the sufferings of 2nd and 5th year, him age will be considered charm is good for him.

The person belonging to this star will of polite seying but if he teeis a lie it will not be considered his sin. He will get benefit in right or true words if he leaves his prayers. 

He will have to face the music repressing the grudge with others will not be good. He will often get enjoy but soon the anger will be removed. He will be removed. He will get wealth in abundance and lose or spend it quickly. A sign on the bidy is the symbol of wealth and honour. 

There will be lot of enemies. He will have to face dual natured people but none will harm him. A constant discase will be faeed by him. He will not have the equal share in the property of his he will have to part with his brothers and sisters. He will marry two women. He will enjoy off spring but not live long. 

The first part of his life will the second of sorrows but be a comfortable one. He will be 5 years old or live natural age. The month of ‘RAJAB’ green colour and cet will be good for him. He will often have to face disease.