1: Arguments about money and possessions are likely today. Since these likely will resolve nothing, why get involved? Instead , protect your own peace of mind, say nothing. ( Later, you`ll be glad you did.) 

2: Postphon family discussions until tomorrow. today, discussions with females are a bit challenging, especially about domestic matters. Why row against the tide? 

3: Every once in a whill past efforts combine with fortynate circumstances to result in what can only be termed thrilling events, Not only are you on the receving end of these, those you`re close to are benefiting as well. Yet you feel guilty, especially about certain individuals. Their turn will come. 

 A relationship that you thought was broken beyond all repair still has some life left in it today figure out how you can put it on the road to recovery. There two people involved in this messy situation and each of you has your own apologies to make be a hero and be the first one to extend an olive branch. Call then up or email them today. Let them know you`re thinking about them and be honest about how you feel. Letdown your guard and speak from the heart. 

5: Being more analytical about your emotions might sound counterintuitive, but it`s the perfect approach right now – especially since your brain is humming along much more efficiently than your slightly-confused heart. Examine any problems you`re dealing with today. Think about them abjectively. Put yourself in the position of a judge overseeing the details of a case. Once your remove your see where an easy answer lies. 

6: Today, it`s important for you to devote serious energy toward finding a balance between your intemal life and your extemal life. You may be depriving yourself of the attention you need to be happier. Going out with friends and having fun is a perfectly fine thing to do, but you should not be doing it every single night, if you feel that strong a need to socialize, you might be avoiding having to deal with something that you need to deal with. Stay home and get back in touch with yourself. 

7: Your steady nature will be greatly appreciated today, pisces. A well thought out plan of attack is the one that wins approval from the higherups. You know the best way to proceed and now all you need is the confidence to follow through with your ideas. Getting things started should be easier for you today since your mind is working in harmony with your heart. 

 Fuzzy logic is not going to get you very far today, so if you are trying to get your way in any type of negotiations, don`t try to take a short cut. It will only backfire on you. Like it or not, you have got to back things up with research and proof. Sure, it might take a little bit of extra time to gather together the information you need to make your case, but in the end you will thank yourself for doing what it takes to ensure that you are not going to be embarrassed.