Practice of Surah Yaseen

Dear readers, I have given you many practices before this which you liked a lot, now I am giving you a brief but concise practice of surah Yaseen. Prophet (PBUH) said, “Everything have a heart, Yaseen is a heart of Quran.” The heart of Surah Yaseen is “SALAMAN QAULANMIN RABE RAHEEM”. The practitioner should draw the given drawing on silver plat and took a special care of Bakhuraat Star. Wear good cloths and sit towards QIBLAH with ablution. Write MARZI NAQASH on one side of the plate and NUMBER NAQSH on other side. Now make a NAQSH on a paper with complete Surah Yaseen on either side. And recite it with SALAMN QAULANMIN RABE RAHEEM 87 times. Then recite ISM-E-MUBARAKA 815 times and blow it. YA BASIT, YA MUAIZ, YA WASIYO, YA FATAH and keep it safe with you. Daily on time write one NAQSH on a paper with above said method and close the first NAQSH in flour and throw it in river. Do this practice 41 consecutive days. To keep this practice in control recite daily this NAQSH


The heart of Qurah Surah Yaseen is very important, let’s have a look at its benefits


Nowadays hepatitis C is a swear problem, you should recite 41 times Surah Yaseen in the morning and blow it on water and drink it. Recite DAROOD 7 times in the beginning and at the end, and do the following herbals cure. JARR KASNI, GULL KASNI, TUKHAM KADDO, TABASHAR, SAFAR JALL, GUL NELOFAR, AFTATEES ROOMI, MAKKO, KAHO, AMLA, took 24 grams of each and boil it. Drink daily in the morning and at night.

High Blood Pressure

Nowadays every 3rd person is affected by this. But Allah has kept a complete cure of this disease in Surah Yaseen. Take a garlic plant and blow Surah Yaseen 5 times on it. Eat one of them with water daily, Insha’Allah you will be cured successfully.


To cure piles, blow Surah Yaseen 33 times on honey. Use a little daily, Insha’Allah disease will be vanished.

Pain in Joints

To get rid of joint’s pain blow Surah Yaseen 7 times on ROGHAN-E-BALSAN and drink it. Wear the following NAQSH on your neck.

For every Fair Object

For a baby son, heart diseases and every fair deed which a man thinks impossible, recite ISM-E-AZAM “MAULA-E-KULL KAYENAT YA ALLAH AZZO WAJALL” 169 times. Take the numbers of your name, your object, and add with 169 and while sitting on a neat place recite it by heart so that its effect penetrates to all parts of the body. He who wants to do this practice, take a fresh bath and ask Allah for forgiveness of his sin, sit towards Qiblah and close your eyes. Start ZIKAR and hit your heart as hard as every part of the body should realize. Prevent from lie, Insha’Allah you will succeed.