The Relation of Internal body

Burj Aries with brain Taris with Throut and it internal wgans. Jimni related with tongues and blood. Cancer with Stomach and Abdomens. Lew with heart. Virgo with Intestine and gall bladder. Libra with kidnies. Scarpew with sex urgans. Uterus and srinary bladder. Sajateris with now generation Capricon with bornd alphar roq veins an nernes. Peases with internal sex organs.

Relation of bones

Alnus relation with fore rain and skull. Taris with neck hones.
Cancer with chart hone.
Lew with back bone.
Vergo with back bones both sites bones.
Libra with hip bone.
Scarpew with hip internal bones.
Sajitaris with left and right hip bones.
Capricon with knee bones.
Aquaris with ankle bone.
Pices with foot bones.
Phycical dwision and Duration of disease.
When a man getsill. Seek star sun form juntari. Didide this secms on in. If zero sawued its first step. If 1 sared the second step if 3 saved the 3rd step.
If 3 seved the 4th step.
For example.
One man became ill at dvie in 1952. Then we saw the sun from jantry at 21 march.
Then itor khan are with written at 45 ghase. Now we divid 23 ghasles on 4. Munzar lian khers step proved 4th. It misearies dagsare 15. 30 patient will be ill 15 day.