1: Parents and people working with children must be extra patient with children today, because there`s a lot of tension in the air. This translates into rocky romance as well. (Oh dear.)

2: Conversations with bosses, partners and close friends are at adds today. Others might not respect your wishis. ( Why not wait until tomorrow?)

3: It`s odd how, in the midst of this chaotic chaotic, week, certain arrangements that have been a source of persistent aggravation are falling into place. These are ushered in by brilliant aspects invoving practical asturn, and are a testimony to your ability to rethink plans yet stick to tour original vision.

4: Who you associate with today is very important – some people will seem to be right on your wavelength but others may drive you absolutely crazy! As soon as you feel that someone is rubbing you the wrong way, distance yourself from them. You are not in the right frame of mind to deal with feeding people`s egos or sacrificing your own desires. What you need now is to be surrounded by people who get you – the people who use the same shorthand you use.

5: What you have been waiting for is about to come your way today – but the catch is, you shouldn`t let others see just how deliriously happy you are about it! So play it coy and play it cool. Make sure you don`t rush ahead of everyone else to snatch this opportunity from their grabby hands! Being too eager will put you at a disadvantage. Follow the lead of others people, and you will find your self in a very advantageous position. Your patience will pay off, big-time.

6: It`s important for you to be loved by your friends, but you need to make sure you are not compromising who you are in order to make them happy. Take stock today of a friendship that has been frustrating you lately—are they asking too much of your? It might be time to have an honest heart – to – heart talk. They need to understand that unless you feel free to be who you are, you can`t be the best friend you can be. This type of honesty is refreshing. It`s also necessary to keeping things healthy.

7: By jumping around from place to place, Segittarius, you may end up feeling like you`re getting nowhere. Instead of tackling many different tasks, today is better spent focusing your energy on one. Start from ground level and work up. Get to the root of the problem and many of the related issues will simply dissolve as you work.

8: Personality clashes can be tricky someones, but today they`ll be very entertaining-partly because they won`t involve you, and partly because you`ll have a front row seat to a very juicy altercation today! Do not shy away from tossing in your two cents, either-this will be a good – natured battle between two dynamic people who will feed off of the energy you contribute. So sit back, relax and watch all of the action unfold. When you feel like tossing in a wisecrack, toss away!