The person will be sacred and wise and his deeds will be made easy and noble for him with the same pace. He should not express his secrts to anyone because he has a number less enenies. He will face many sorrows but denoument will be peaceful.

He should not give guarantee to anyone because there will back biting and back stabing in his way but he should trust in God and be patient. Traveling towards ‘KAABA’ will be better for him trade is better for him. He should to earn. Life will be a comfortable one.

Riches for will be in abundance but come and go with the same pace. He will marry two women sometimes he will comfort bad deeds but repent at the same time. All important piecea of work will be done very soon he will be greedy for knowledge. He will be agressive.

If he lives 6 years or he will be considered 90 years of age. The person who belongs to this star will enjoy wealth and comforts. He will have the wish to marry many women but find only one nice women He should not be against the rules of Islam se as to get his wishes fulfilled Animals will keep harming him he will be cheated whem he trusts in and he will waste the money he earns. He will also have off spring but will often suffer from the disease of eyed.

The month of ‘SHABAAN’ will be suitable for him to demand for his needs. He will often suffer pain backbone Chest and stomach. If he spends his first and fourth year safe and sound his age will be censidered 80 years. Travelling will remain better for him but he will spend money.

Going to ‘KABAA’ is also in his fate. He last period of his age the following charm is better for lim.