1: You might find id difficult to get along with co – workers today. Therefore, don`t push anybody`s buttons. Be cooperative. Easy dose it 

2: this is not an ideal day to decide how to share something or divide jointly owned assets. Obviously, this includes discussions about inheritances postphon this for another day. 

3: When event forced you to consider making changes in certain longstanding arrangement you were, of course, reluctant. In fact, you explored every possible way to keep thing as they are. In the process, however, you realised those changes aren`t just inevitable, they`re actually in your best interests. Because of that, you`re now happily undertaking them. 

4: Can you have too many friends? The answer, you may be beginning to fear is yes! There are only so many free hours in your week , and it might be getting tough to prioritize who gets to share them with you. A big party is agreat way to spend a little social time with a lotof people at once so consider throwing together something in order to see the folks you don`t get to see too often. Friendships take as much work as anything else dose – but the payoff is truly rewarding. 

5: Today will be a very good day, especially if you plan to follow up on someone`s progress. They are much father along than you had expected, and it will warm your heart to see how they are thriving. However, details at work or school might escape you right now if you aren`t paying extra careful attention. You should ask for other people to double check you work – it will give them the opportunity to feel useful, and it will help you know what to look out for next time. 

6: It`s true that today won`t exactly be jam-paked with exhilaration and adventure, but you certainly won`t be bored either! The experiments being conducted by a friend or coworker are proving to be very entertaining, although you won`t to be taking a direct role in them. You might be a passive audience member, but your laughter and applause will critical in keeping all the fun going. You`re also in the right frame of mind to see visual expression in a whole new way. 

 You may find that other people are the missing variable in the equation that you seek answers to today, Scorpio. Don`t feel like you have to come up with all the details and resolutiong yourself. Work with those who also have something to contribute to the situation at hand. A quiet, disciplined approach is exactly what`s needed to plow through any problem that need s fixing. 

8: Your more intense feelings are bubbling up to the surface today, and they could cause you to become somewhat distracted during the course of boring meetings or stilted conversations. You will need major stimulation, today, to stay tuned –in` to other people. Your own inner world is going to be a lot more captivating then the exterior land of reality, but this is a sign that your imagination is ready to help you get to the next level in your life. Just your make a sure you don`t flake out on an important event.