The person belonging to this star will be white coloured happy tlktine and disobedient among old people and will not think what he has said. He will be fond of playing. He will also have to face a great sorrow Giving the guarantee of others is not good for lim. Asign of good men is on his lembs. 

Old people will give importance to his words. He will earn a lot of money but spend lavishly owing to his simplicity he will take his enemies as his friends. He will have a lot of enemies and remain unable to reveal his secrets among them. He will have to lose his parents and face off springs in a low quantity. 

He will suffer from disease due to pain in stomach. He will have to wait is get his tasks fulfilled. He should not accept. He will be of four year old or of natural age. Thursday, goat, or and red and green are good for him.

The person will be of good-natured, proficient in words but have oily tongue. He will not express his heart to anyone. He should be lazy in prayer. 

He must not have the wish to earn by unfair means or also he will have to face the music. Truth fullness gives him benefit. He will try hard but get what ever will e in his fate No body praises or considers him good even he sacrifices his life for him. There is a mote on his body whih is a sign of wealth and greatness. 

He will get wealth in abundance in his last age. He will fate loss from cots. Sometimes he will get benefit from rulers. Traveling to west will be good for him. Off spring is also for him but they will not live long. 

His age is doing but under debt partner ship is good but avoid cheating. Partition from parents, loss share in their property is for him but brothers and sisters will serve him. 

He will often face disease due to pain in legs. The month of pabiul Awal is better for every need. If he is saved in 4th year or 18th year of his age, his age will be considered 100 years.