1: Feelings of self-doubt might surface today. Don`t give this too much credence, because this is temporary (These feeling are gone by tomorrow.) 

2: Think twice before making financial transactions today – this includes major purchases. Something is not quite copasetic. Trust your good taurean common sense. 

 Now that your ruling planet, venus, has moved to accent love and life`s pleasures, it`s time to turn your attention to such matters. However, you`ll need to juggle these with intriguing but demanding developments involving family or home. Rewarding these can be, certain issues must be tackled first. 

4: The art of flirtation takes a lot of time to learn, but you are becoming quite an expert, right now. It`s time to stop holding back and start using these killer skills you have learned if you have someone in your sights, remantically- speaking , today is the day to pull them aside and make that connection. Ask a slightly risque question or two, and help them see you in a new light. If you are currently in a relationship, get ready for things to go to a much hotter level. 

5: your feeling are just under the surface today, which you could choose to see as a good thing or a bad thing. If you are looking for the courage to say something tough to someone who needs to hear it, your trigger temper could help you say it once and for all. But if you are going to be impress today, this said temper could lead to problems. A sudden emotional reaction won`t go over well, so watch your tongue and be ready to hold it. 

6: Why not put yourself first, every once in a whill? Your happiness should be your first priority, and today. After all, if you aren`t happy in your life, how can you be a good sibling, friend, partner, or employee? You shouldn`t get lazy about fulfilling the obligations you have to other people, but you should feel free to cut yourself some slack. This is a good day to spend on you. Do what your need to do as early as you can and spend the rest of your day exploring thing that interest you. 

7: Your thinking is clear today, Taurus, but it might be hard to take action on your thoughts. A restrictive force may seem to be holding you back. A sense of discipline is willing up within you, reminging you to add a touch of conservatism to whatever it is that you have in mind. Take the opportunity to pursue tasks that require you to be reserved and collected 

8: Your passionate nature is coming out in full force today, and it will come in handy. You might want use it to come to the defense of someone who has been judged incorrectly by the crowd of people you hang out with. Like a superhero, you can sweep in and make everyone see how wrong they were about this person. Show them that by respecting and even embracing the unique qualities of other people, they can challenge themselves to become better people.