Ups and downs of stars

Star sun gals up in Aries and down in Libra. When star moon gars in Libra it get up ward. When it gars in Scarpew it gets down. Star Mars goal up in Capricon and down in Sqarpew star Murcary get up the burj Virgo and domnfull in places. Star stem get up in Aries and down in Capricon. Star japitar get up the pieces and Lew in burj Virgo. Star Venes gets wpin where and get down in Aries. No fixed urdufa fragonlead and drym Tuaug.

Sight of Nazrat Mastet of astrogy has divided 0 in 5 places. (1) When the star comes together in a burj that is call Qaran. When any star see in 5th house it is called Nazat Tasleeg. In the 4th house it will Nazrat Tasleeg. In the 3rd house the sight will a called Nazar-e-Tasles. When it is in 7th house the sight will ull Nazar Muqbala.

Star sun goer of in aries and lew in likra. Who star moon goes in libra it get up word. Who it goes in sarper it get home. Star mars god in cyriam done in 

cyriam star mueany get up in burj who ge and domp all in pieses. Star seen get up in amur and dewn in cyriam star sap than get up in star and loum in burj go. Star venes get up the libra and get down in aries No lired and up dragon led and dagum tug . 

Sight and Nazrat Master of ariaegg les should ot in 5 years. 1: when that star arms together in a lage that is call qamar. When any star rever in 5th house it is cauel nazar teser. In the 4th house it will nagu tarhab in the 3rd house the sight will a called nazar-e-tarles. When it is in 7th house the sight will win nazar maqkala. Paint. 
Paint Star sun man marcury and Jupiter in from then every one where if stand in some lug 7th house will be seen hy perfect sight. An maes seen 4 unite house will nazar karml. Star son in 5th and 9th house. Vens 3rg , 7th and 10th house roes with perfect eyes 30 in some zaidn vnadut. Tardy zaicha order occus first of all the seader of star setand rizc backfars and forwed foot and dawn and about nazrat we should known very well way. Maricury Timedy zaicha is related with marriage so if sails zaicha of hirth is present there is no need to map zaicha viladat. If zaicha veldon nat present than proper zaicha of the will set pleaser of his chalid infant. If nabumar marriage is hy quersl and helar the death of wife the death of husband may occar. If in 7th house the wife will be hatful and respectful peace from pasany and near from cenemits. 

If come in 8th house the wife due soo after nibah. Every time remin add will. With fight second marriage may be dome. If ocrus libra the wife may be kind and chedient. Becovse of some remen dmpatency can be ocew. If cemes in 10 house the wife will be selfish praiestant . mary like hat become mathen. If comer 11th house the wife will be soft. Loyal with lea husband. Bat utrcus dinears mage her will come in 12th house the hath husband and wife will syunda ainlerr life. 

If star yapena are in the 9th house . she satl wife 3left eye will wasted. If mars in 7th house after some frame of marriage bin wife war die. The man may be deprened of man power. If murs xome in uth veuse he may his wife die he wife dies and he many do hagry against the nature. If in 7th house mercury come the burn will mect with vagahome wume hay leanring his wife. If star moon neerur dragon ure in the 7th house. Then way if sril many . Ure less scent faland ocuned beatifol. 

If 7th house as many star me present as ho may star are in mashot as many ma be marriages. In the 7th house Jupiter is present marriage will be in short age. In the 7th house up see sun marriage will be 6at ratio. If any other star seen with perfect eyes she 6marriage will 0 aur. In 7th house Jupiter ocere the barn will libra to marriage. If the one will be wiggow and other may be dinareud. 7th house star Jupiter mituanted in hood the marriage will be ant of will star mars as nenus in 9th 2nd house true marriage will ucem.