The person will good natures and use gaily dresses. He will face difficulties in the first part or his life but every times will be comfortable in the second part of his age.

He will save a lot of money. The money earned from unfair means will harm him. He will be comfortable from friends but not from parents and relatives. His off springs will serve him. He will be free from werldly cares. Charms May harm him.

All deeds will be alone easily the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his dream All wishes will be fulfilled. Seeing he face of the prayer will be better after seeing new moon. His age is 30 years or natural. The person will of tall stature good natured and brown coloured.

Rare things will be dearest to him often he will be backbited by enemies but none will dominate him people will accept to hat even he says. Owing to his simplicity he will not be able to differentiate between friends and for he will be good in the eye of God and will be sensible in his doings. He will avoid bad company he will be happy in giving and unhappy in taking.

In the middle age, he will face something due to a damaned star he will face loss due to evil-eye. He will go to do good things go neighbours but will not be paid. He may marry many women. If he lives 2nd and 13th years if his age his age will be natural the month of ‘RAJAB’ and Friday is good for every deed.