This is khaki burj, box is atarad and belongs to HazratYounas (AS). It shines on earth and sometimes on KHARASAN. He who born with this start will be a noble, honest, loving and goodlooking guy. Wednesday is lucky for him and if he wants to marry the woman whould be of Capricorn or Virgo. The job which relates to dust will be beneficiary for him. He will never hurt anyone but people will. Brothers can’t benefit him and parents will be. He should not drink much of water. The unlucky period is 2 or 4 years then 80 years age.

Government employees will receive nomination to important committees or panels in this week. Financial gains come thought friends. A pain in the groins or digestive complaints should not be taken lightly. Joint ventures may face hurdles. Check your information before accusing your mate. This not a good week for selling and buying properties. Personal relationships will be fine. New responsibilities at work will keep you working hard through out the week.

Virgo Woman:

The woman who born in this star will be good looking, honest and well mannered. Her star is week that’s why she will be afraid from crowed. She should keep Allah’s name with her. The unlucky period is 1~5 years and then 80 years age.


The genie of this star told HazratSuleman, “I live in old places and black horse’s homes. I also tend to live under dark trees. He who come to my place and I found him not noble I will tease him. The signs are nightmares and headache and chest aches. The cure is, write a TAVEEZ with red cock blood and take smoke of AUD. 5 lamps and 2 flags should be placed on tomb. 40 kg breads, one kg salt charity and 2 meter fabric and two flags on graves. And bind this TAVEEZ on neck.”


The changing Moon enters your tenth house of career and reputation, placing you and your efforts in the public eye. The past two and a half years have presented you with challenges but also given you the chance to show how capable you really are. This evening, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Beneficial colours are basic black and heather grey. Lucky number is 8 and 10.


Analytical Virgo is likely to look for deeper meaning as the Moon glides thorough your eight house of mystery today. Disagreements with friends and associates may occur, but you should be able to distance yourself from anything truly upsetting. A policy that allows you to agree to disagree is wise when discussing personal philosophy. Favorable colours are ebony and ivory. Lucky numbers are 1 and 8.