1: This is a poor day to iron out loose details about inheritances, shared property, insurance matters, Taxes or debt. Postpone these discussions for another day. (Believe me) 

2: some aspect of your private life suddenly will be made public today, especially in the eyes of bosses and VIPs. Even if this is a bit discomfiting, remind yourself that it is no big deal. 

3: what began as minor misunderstandings, only days ago, have grown into rather serious battles, Or do it seems, Actually these, which were triggered by the recent clash between your ruler mercury and inventive Uranus, are forcing you to undertaking a timely review of certain arrangements you`ve begun to take for granted. 

4: Today is great day to try a new food, hobby, sport, or adventure that you have always been just a little to scared to try before, your fears are starting to vanish and your courage is growing in part because your mind is hungry for new stimulation – even if that stimulation is based on fear! You will be totally fiery and full of energy so put it good use by pushing the envelope and pushing past one or two of the boundaries you`ve built for yourself. 

5: Today, a group effort is the best effort. If you want results, you need to get with the other people who can make it happen. At work or school, align yourself with the folks who know what they are doing, even if they aren`t your favorite people on earth this is not about making friends, it`s about making progress on one of your life goals. These other people will be able to provide all the small details that make a big impression in thw end. Trust their judgment. 

6: Obey any and all creative impulses you have today – and don`t censor yourself ! It`s good for your ego to raise a few eyebrows now and again, so embrace the attention you get when you hit the streets in a creative ensemble or sing along to the radio at the top of your lungs while you`re driving to work. Splash out unusually today, and will be sure to have an unusual day! If you really want to capture someone`s attention, you need to add your artistic flair. 

7: Just when you through you had everthing figured out and planned correctly, another obstacle appears, Virgo. Your first reaction may be to get upset. Rage won`t help. You can`t always control everything. There are bound to be surprises. Plan for what you can, but know that there are often unknown forces working against your aims. Watch out! 

8: Do not delve deep into any type of emotional entanglement right now, even if you think that you are completely ready to take things to the next level. It is still too soon. If this person is really who you think they are, they`ll wait for you a little while longer. Time is the most crucial element in your Life right now, and you have much more then you think you do. So what is your rush? Taking things slowly now might be frustrating to you, but it is the best move you can make.