The planning Zaicha of birth of 12 reuses

From first unit we can know the know, The mod of born person victim murder pains and his present time should be seen. From 2nd unit. Wealth. gewllery.

Tanke iron bron kansi jart. Diamond and shout wealth is deth. From 3rd unit the family after brothers simew Taits of husrxess and about vice person is known. In the with unit mather about poison magic chilla karhi pupil births conditions are known. From the 5th house about knowledge wisdom, progeny is known. From 0th house about enemy magic poison lungs hand etc is known. From the 7th house about travel shap keeping, combine business, belonged. Wife, 1 nephew. Tarade gine and take.

Explanation of present part future

From the zaicha 12 house and form 2nd house. Future. From Ist unit present conditions are explained. Method of knowing question form