Zaicha TWINS

Which child burns first write its life history from Talia. And after coming halz may its Talat is name in his life where moon is situated stars should be situated in the other house. And by the dist of and cleanliness set and order for his life. For example the Kart zaicha is maters of 35 jum 1945 which is moter before it the continue of child from Talat burj Turis and after that which child born. His Talia burj will Pakistan. It.

Zaicha is as. Follows. It is un autocratic sadra Aaide. But time of birth is cased. For e g unit 15 jun 1945 Two huller have hun: First child time 2 pm 40 minutes other born at 2:45 minute in the big time. The burj of first will be star tarlin. And the Talia burj will be jamni sated. These hath zaicha of birth will be separate.

Which child born first write it life heztary from talia and after ceminy baby any its talia is name is his life where moon is nituated settle the first part remaining stars remind be mated in the other house and by the dirt and clanlinrs set and arder for his life. 

Example the kari zaicha is maien of 15 june 1945 which is mared helper it the condition od drild frem talia burj taris and after that which chalid burn his talia burj will be capriten if zaicha is as anthentaic 30den qaida. But time of birthis cared fareg upto 15 jan 1945 two,

hallry lane hum first diled time 2 pm 40 minutis other barn at 2:45 minute is two day time . the burj up first will be seea talia and other talia burj will be jamni mated. Thurs hath zaichas of birth will be neparate. Anseers of different buestions if in a single time many seqaest is do reqnert. 

This answers as fallows. First requeste shoud be not in imit and second in which is ritated not the talia fernt. Third should be number one in which sun is present. 

Fowlo in which that 4th burj that should be mated in 1 number. To 5 mate is mar marcary. From star mar gamin in burj of then which is power full mated it in first mation. If 3 are less poses in which burj thay are present start unite No 1.

If vanes in less power full then ven mars japitar in then whose grales are mare and in which burj it settle not it in first unite sit man to which power full star be has in which burj be is present nat it unite 1 7the shold be ardered in first time ordershould be set the 8th number first . But a which it method is that in zaicha wieed muen is present in other burj then should be in unite 8 and answer request. 

9th should be sattle an unite first 10 in which from then is present it should be mated as unite on 11th from to the is boune in them which star is power full from it a louse which burj is mitoated that will be of unite one. God know it better venrs come to in one of there bouse. 

The come and question od the heggar. His Case and dirase should be under stand. Besides then if venire moon juptior come with power in the then bouses question in abant. Marriage and health there are of it order of zaicha of birth. Zaicha of birth is a an anthentia thing to know the condition of life of the people. Which in dent are related with fate can be knowledge. 

From first unite we can know the clour, the mod of barn perwn victan madder pains and his present from mataled be new. From and unite wealth. Fewllary tanbe. Sillier gole lron brath kamsi fant. Diamond and about wealth is due. From 3rd unite the family affais rse then souted that od hassness of and aboute vice person is known. In the 4th unite mathen about faisen magic chilla kashi Pupil birth constions are known from the 5th house. About knowledge windeom progeny is known from the 8th house abent enemy magic paisun lungs hand ete is known from the 7th house about trneld snap keeping, combine buriness beloned wife. 

1 megic taade give and take. Infromation of present part future from the zaicha 12 house and from 2nd house putuse from 1 st inite persent conditions of knowing question from. Timely Zaicha Prepare family zaicha it the time of an mering. 

If in from unite 8th arius jazn jimni. Sugtaric come then the questioning mar will be then wuestion if in 1st uniote. Burj taris on aqucomis than quetain will be mare than two In first unite house cancer ar lew the question will be only one . Buettle in the heart of arless in timely zaicha. 

Lawe burjhise lew or serylew comes than it carcle. Mars ar mar sun is nitated on one of then maghi may felon unite first she m,ho burn idea about business. 

If in these ifort burj jimniverge ar aqaria comes. And from qasitionm. That mars conis in 1st unite or a star ness the first unite with matted eyes the asha want to know about lies seletion besised it star sun and near nuite his full power in 4th ,10th unite from those two stars one of them come the arbu will these about some mated. 

Didelre Sail did this question in 1953 at 9:55 mintes at Lahore then we prefeny family zaicha ahich is as follow

In this zaicha burj cancer has come lta aviner star in 1st home . And this house is relation with a doctor 8 it is known that doctor is able man. And bo his cuwse pationt will get better and locle after at zaicha 4th. 

then in it burj lihed and star mars are nitaated whid has the order of effection medicine. These medicine about be wisd which are neatel. After it 7th house of zaicha is relutied wth dinean. Then in it hurj eqricam is present in owner star is venus lu zaicha 3rd house wihich is virgo house. And mar venes and purcury and eqnd. Then from paitent will get a cured sowlly. After ir nea the 10th house of zaicha.

Which is related with the life of patient In this burn burj anies is siteated. Which is star mars house and it in it sters is siteated and star mars are present with one an other. And are acoreted with crdia the by it we know that patient will alive and be cwed.