Cautions of Ziacha of Birth in a right way

up to the mean rise us many hours the during is up. By multiply the with cleanness and by multiplying with minutes pal will he produced. After that multiplying charies with u if pal are mare then 15 and its one unit is where then 30 and 2 units are mare the 45. Then 3 units should be added in the achicnet Ghasies. After that look when is star san is counting in Zaicha. If star is in burj Aries than 1 unit if in Taris than Zumts if it is in joza Jumni than 3 units.A So far in with burj. Star sun is present. It burj should he added in unit gharries. And did divided all the on 12 whids remmin in where units the star sun is situated. Count in the house in where that talk each. So that is the sing of right Zaicha of birth. Now counting the house of Zaicha in unit one. If in counting in time of birth s-g in first unit names the Zaicha will be right. other it will be known wrong.

For e.g. one child in April 1922 day Friday Lahore time in the main a bass in at 12 part 28. At that day s. sun net at 6 part 8 o clock. And the break is counted 6 ham and 20 minutes. Noon this 6 have are multiply with 2½ then 15 gharios occurred. 20 minute are 2½ multiply with 2½ then same out 50 pals we wesate it is 3 units separate. Now multiply with 15 burj with is that result will be 60. No with 3 units it will be 63. No At 14 April star sun in the burj Aries. Which is first burj one unit is added and they became 64. Now 64 area divided on 12 the result is 4. we comparison with born Zaicha.

Sun in with house is situated for one there 4 with ends on unit one according to Zaicha. So the birth minutes same in the Zaicha one it will nated night. For-e.g. one born buhy on 5 sep 1927 on mid night of non day and two day At 55 chares. 12 pal before sun rise at area of Gharia bhaia Telasil and disatt Ambarnar burn. Ghagin hhena is 12½ Solhmin form the time of Lahore whids are called pal. And our time is 12½ pal. Bag the calculation the hurries burj Talix comes in counting. It is zaicha us follows. Now we have to be either.

This Zaicha is right as wrong. So we have counted the born haly birth 55 ghungan 12½ pal are registered these ghasies are multiplied that obtain 220. After it we now the Sun. That is situated in 5th burj obtained ratio is 255. pal are less that No aphorized ratio. Will divided on 255 remain figure zoster. Now the g l 9th unit is counted in star at sun. then it and on the house. That is the house from 1st Zaicha. It is found that zaicha of birth is wrong How can the it be corrected In this way the time of horn burj. Before sun rise it is 32-5 pal. Now according to principle it is 220. Because pal are chow and it is created with multiply it became 220. These days the star sun is walhing in bay Leo. It is 5th burj. By accounting it Tatal is 227.

Now by dividing it on 12th the remain unit obtained it. Now it is counted in it unit it with be in the ration of 11 unit. That is correct the unit of schul in that unit of zaicha. 0. If it in d9 in 5 in 9 house the zaicha is correct. Other wise it is counted wrong. So if there is difference in zaicha that 72 in pal and gharries should be less usmase and t called is a accurate reading.